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Friday, 10 July 2015

16. All roads lead to wrong…

16. All roads lead to wrong…

The truth of the Hollie Greig case? It’s 95% hoax, a smokescreen. But the truth is also that it’s 5% real.  

The truth is as sickening as it is prosaic.

In ‘Siphonapteric’ style we might say…

‘Big perverts have little perverts to make the smoke that hides ‘em…
And little perverts have lesser perverts and so ad-infinitum! '

The plain fact is that Hollie Greig's suffering was exploited...  Most sickeningly for political ends, but overall by several different groups of people for several different reasons...

By those who work as shills on 21st-century Britain's version of Operation Mockingbird for instance; the aim of which is to discredit any and all forms of non-state-sanctioned alternative media. By this means public opinion is lead along the lines of all 'alternative' reporting being most-likely just the wittering of mad people - and thus the potency of a tool most-useful for countering political lies is very much reduced...

Most disturbingly cases such as Hollie's - and more recently the Hampstead 'whistleblower kids case - are in my view being used to groom the public such that they will accept and possibly even welcome the inevitable state intervention which eventually 'closes down' open and free access to the internet as we know it today... 

I do believe a 'problem' is being 'manufactured here. And  the reason I say this is that there are already laws laws which facilitate action against those who abuse freedom of speech and expression. - Yet, as was the case with Mark Gosden police and other authorities are strangely reluctant to act and move towards prosecution.  As is so often the case when new legislation is introduced it is brought in to address a perceived problem. - But how often are those perceived problems actually manufactured by simply not applying existing laws effectively?

In Hollie's case for instance we have the shambling figure of Greg Lance-Watkins...  The man who was first to name a number of people as alleged victims of sex crimes and post that information to the internet. - Despite the clear illegality of his actions, Watkins enjoys a strange level of immunity from prosecution. His local police forces have adopted a pythonesque policy of obfuscation - playing 'pass the parcel' with crime reports and even involving the Scottish force which has no jurisdiction over the crime...
Where do the orders for such inaction come from?

We see the same 'teflon' qualities in Belinda McKenzie... The infamous MI5 Landlady and former leading-light in "Iran Aid" a British charity that raised £5 million a year over a fifteen-year period, supposedly to help orphans and other refugees whose families opposed the Tehran regime.

Iran Aid was eventually exposed for the scam it so surely was... After a two-year investigation, the Charity Commission could find no verifiable evidence that the money reached orphans in Iran.  During its investigation, the Commission said it received claims the charity was linked to Mujaheddin el Khalq (MKO) — an organisation proscribed under the Terrorism Act 2001 after September 11.  Investigation were hampered by a sit-in at Iran Aid’s offices in Barnet, north London, from October 1998 until June 2000. The commission said a number of documents were destroyed at the end of the sit-in. - The general consensus among many observers being that these papers were 'torched' to hide the evidence.

From the report...

"Furthermore the trustees were unable to provide a satisfactory explanation for certain missing funds having admitted that by their own reckoning, 10% of the funds sent to Iran could not be accounted for." 

That's roughly £500,000 a year going missing over the fifteen year period. I'm sure many of us would welcome a fraction of that as a salary today; but a decade-and-a-half ago this was a very substantial 'skim'. And you can I think safely assume that "their own reckoning" will have resulted in a fairly conservative estimate. Where did the money go?

For balance you can read Belinda McKenzie's own account of how she got rich quick here.  Whoever her paymasters are the fact remains that Iran Aid was as dodgy as hell.   The same is true of the spectacularly incompetent Association of McKenzie Friends - one of the leading lights of which is responsible for a blatant contempt of court and is currently cowering abroad. Likewise the deeply-discredited Starchild Project which quite frankly is nothing more than a side-show flim-flam act...  Reasonbly one can only form the opinion that the woman is deeply dishonest - for there is nothing to support the view that she acts from stupidity.

Greg Lance-Watkins and Belinda McKenzie are but two very obvious examples; Brian Gerrish with his ludicrous, shoddily-shot garden shed television station ('green screen' has a lot to answer for) is another... And there is a cast of dozens hanging off their coat tails. Some mad, some bad some just a simple danger to themselves and to other people.

As to the 'lesser fleas'? Sectarian and political... And worse...
It just doesn't matter how often blethering idiots like Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy re-post the  stupidly-inaccurate piece from "The Firm" - written years ago - which implies that Alex Salmond hid vital evidence relating to the Holie Greig case - the fact remains that Robert Green lied through his teeth about that; and love him or hate him Salmond did no such thing...

Not only that "The Firm" was grossly incompetent in publishing that piece. This, I'll remind you, is a 'publication' that was FORCED to retract some of its statements surrounding the Hollie Greig case! - Hardly credible for a 'magazine' aimed at legal experts! It's rather pitiful that Ogilvy continues to trot out this rubbish - for it only shows him up for the breathtakingly dishonest fool he is. - And a real and present danger to kids too; having been deemed too much of a risk to even be allowed access to his own daughter.  

Other common threads run through this type of operation too...

I'm chilled to recall Greg Lance-Watkins claims to a pre-echo of Dunblane (the investigations into which he tried to inveigle himself) in his boast of having once visited his old primary school with the intent of murdering his old headmaster, one Mr Butters. And reflect of the fact that Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy - in an equally chilling pre-echo of the Hampstead Hoax - is alleged to have coached his own daughter to have recorded false allegations of sex abuse against others...    

In Malcolm's case he just wasn't bright enough to realise that simply pressing the 'delete' key on a mobile phone doesn't actually delete the file - only the reference to it. And the residual recordings remain until overwriten. He was stupid enough to 'call the cops' once he had a 'good take' of his daughter spouting his carefully orchestrated lies. When he handed his 'phone over to the police it went for proper forensic examination - and the deception was discovered. From then on in the Police, the courts and the justice system were having no more of his nonsense. And thus the reason why Mad Malky tilts at the Salmond-shaped windmills of his twisted mind...

As for Robert Green himself?  - Sadly, despite being given every opportunity to straighten up, fly right and progress the Hollie Greig case along legitimate lines - the man instead has - in the final analysis - proved himself to be nothing more than a mercenary pretender to the throne of David Icke... There is no doubt in my mind that both Greg Lance-Watkins and Belinda McKenzie are ultimately in the pay and employ of politicos...   Whilst Watkins 'operated' Green for the initial campaign - rather clumsily; McKenzie was lead manipulator in harnessing it for more blatant political ends. What 'promise' Green though he was onto can only be guessed. But her influence over him, and the campaign is fairly clear...

It was she for instance who accompanied him on his very public 'Dunblane Trip' when he reported Elish Angiolini to the  police at the quaint Dunblane Station... She was presumably also there when (as Angiolini stated to the court) he 'stalked' the Lord Advocate at her home. A matter that was later to (and could only really) contribute to an interdict Angiolini obtained against him. McKenzie's politics are quite clear - and we may I think safely assume she was true to her orders when the Hollie Greig case became politicised along anti SNP/Scottish independence lines.

For those who don't understand the Scottish political landscape; Elish Angiolini - despite serving largely under an SNP government - was in fact the last politically-appointed Lord Advocate of Scotland; and she was appointed by the last Labour government in Scotland...  Contrary to the blatant lies promoted by political shills such as Ogilvy, the First Minister, Alex Salmond  never had the power to sack her! She was therefore a Labour cuckoo in the SNP nest.  There is no doubt in my mind that - whilst for the most part he only has himself to blame for playing into their hands - the scandalous way in which Robert Green was treated was as convenient to Scottish Labour as it was effective in calling Scottish justice into disrepute.

I'm unsure if Green is just stupid or simply dishonest in this respect. In the run up to the general election Green, ever the sock-puppet went on record  to try and bolster Scottish Labour - praising their efforts. Ironic when you consider it was their obedianet servant who jailed him! Well Robert - look how well your cheap political 'shillduggery' worked out at the election!  - Scottish Labour, the people who actually jailed you, were wiped out! - Fooling fewer and fewer of the people for less and less of the time.

And then there are the lesser-lesser fleas... The tiny ticks that if revealed might cause exposure of the the rotten bare flesh of the beast...  Those desperate to promote the myth that Hollie Greig was never abused...

The swingers, the pornographers, the fetishists, the drug dealers, the porn peddlars... Even those that at some point in their younger lives have allowed themselves to be exploited; and are now effectively being blackmailed into silence...    

As I have written elsewhere in this blog, factually it has been found – by a credible legal forum and after expert analysis - that, on the balance of probabilities, Hollie Greig was sexually abused, that is why she was awarded compensation. Promoting the myth that Hollie Greig was ‘never’ abused at all isn’t about serving justice or the interests of those wrongly accused… It’s about denying that which was already established by due process… It’s about denying that which is evidenced… It’s about drawing the heat away from someone’s feet…

In his zeal to discredit, defame and undermine the unfortunate and vulnerable Hollie, Greg Lance-Watkins frequently claims her mental capacity to be 3 ½ years old! Watkins should never be taken too seriously of course, for the man is a malicious charlatan. But let’s for the sake of argument (as the Hollie Hoaxers are so ‘fond of him and his arguments) run for a moment with his untrained assessment…  Let’s face a stark reality…

The defiling of a young female afflicted with Down’s Syndrome, and a mental age of 3 ½ is by any measure one of two things. It is either abuse by neglect or abuse by malicious act.

Either way it is a matter of the utmost gravity.  And that remains the case even with the more sensible estimate of her mental age being ten or twelve… Even today (and I think most rational readers would agree) Hollie Greig is clearly a woman incapable of giving her consent to sexual intercourse. Properly protected, such an individual should be inviolate. And yet she is not.  That fact alone – which cannot be disputed even by Greg Lance-Watkins and his ‘Hollie Hoax’ group - is clear evidence of Hollie Greig having been sexually abused. 

Either this unfortunate young woman was violated by someone with mental capacity - which is plainly rape - or she and another vulnerable adult were neglected to the extent that they became sexually active which is abuse by neglect...  And for clarity there is no evidence of the latter; what emerges from the police investigations (which contrary to Green and Co DID take place!) and the findings of the CICA is that she was the victim of relatively common familial rape...
The Hollie Greig case does, in my view, have a 'can of worms' at its heart. But thanks to Robert Green, Greg Lance-Watkins, Belinda McKenzie, Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy and the other shills and money-grabbers who involved themselves in it; that can of worms will only ever be exposed by another route... To paraphrase Mark Daly; the one part of the case that is true has been (deliberately in my view) swept away in a tide of nonsense.
But just because the Hollie Greig case as presented by Robert Green and Anne Greig and a shower of wasted, lying, non-achievers is 95% nonsense does not mean that there is not something wrong here... Something wrong in terms of the original offences against Hollie.
Something wrong in terms of the various perverts who came out of the woodwork to try and scupper her case. Something wrong in terms of a British establishment which worked so hard to ensure the Scottish justice system railed to very publically and incompetently against a simple madman - and that this situation was manipulated to try and discredit those who are fighting to free Scotland from the grip of that establishment. 

And something wrong in terms ofthe Hollie Greig case being just a drop in the ocean.


Robert Green was primarily jailed for Breach Of the Peace. He was jailed for ‘frightening’ a small group of people in a certain Aberdeen neighbourhood. – There was no ‘vindication’ of those people he falsely accused of being part of a paedophile ring; no elimination of suspicion in terms of the law having failed Hollie Greig. Only the puerile stupidity of ‘Facebookers’ and ‘YouTubers’ playing at ‘journalists’ like kiddies in a tenement close might assemble some old cardboard boxes to create facsimile ‘shops and offices’ in which to act out their games of imagination. 

The question arises then of how and why the law moved against Green on such a weak construct? If justice – both for Hollie Greig herself and those defamed - was in question then surely the answer, and responsibility to the public, lay in openly debunking Green’s claims beyond any reasonable doubt?

As it is he was merely gagged with a red Herring...  And yes; there is indeed something fishy about that!  Then there are the other curious players, some of which seem to enjoy a strange degree of immunity from being ‘done up’ like the proverbial kipper…

In reality it was not Robert Green, but Greg-Lance-Watkins who was responsible for bringing the Hollie Greig case to international attention. It was Watkins’ contacts who facilitated the ‘News of The World’ feature on the case. And it was largely this which was responsible for the one-time twenty-seven-thousand strong Facebook-following that the Hollie Greig case once enjoyed.

Loopholes in Scots law mean that when Robert Green first published the names of Hollies’ alleged co-abused to a few dozen people in Aberdeen, from within Scotland itself, he didn’t ‘technically’ break the law – other than in terms of defamation.  This is one reason why the Breach Of the Peace charge he was eventually convicted on appears to have been nothing but a contrivance.

Green’s publication was insignificant in any case, reaching as it did only a relative few people. But when Watkins published this information to the world, from his base in Chepstow, his was a clear breach of the Sexual Offences Act…

For clarity it matters not that the allegations that these people had been raped are false; it is quite simply illegal to name a victim or alleged victim of a sexual offence unless they themselves consent to being named. And there are further complications when the alleged victim is a child. Watkins naming these individuals is a very serious matter – no matter what later retractions he made. And it’s interesting to note that even post-retraction he continued to keep published a list of names that includes the alleged co-abused… 

As extraordinary as Robert Green’s treatment has been that of Watkins’ is equally dubious. 

To my certain knowledge several independent individuals – myself included – have made formal complaints to the Police about Watkins’ conduct. Let’s recount that the crime complained of is a breach of the Sexual Offences Act and that the locus of that alleged crime is Chepstow – which is a town in Wales, under the jurisdiction of Gwent Police…

Lodging a compliant with Gwent Police will result in one of two things happening… As Watkins now lives in Stroat, England, they will pass the matter on to Gloucestershire Constabulary, or they will refer the matter to Police Scotland (or as-was Grampian Police). Gloucestershire Constabulary refuse point-blank to look at the issue either! Referring it to the Scottish Police – who will take no action as no crime was committed in Scotland and the matter is outside their Jurisdiction.

I am yet to receive any rational explanation as to why English and Welsh Police forces refuse to investigate a crime that allegedly took place under their watch and jurisdiction to what is (effectively – Scotland has its own independent legal system) a foreign force. Two possibilities exist…  Either there is a loophole in the law (which the authorities are unwilling to openly acknowledge) that means Scottish victims of sexual offences do not enjoy the same rights to anonymity as others in the world. Or the miscreant Watkins enjoys some strange level of ‘immunity’ from the law of the land. 

In exploring the former possibility I can source no firm legal opinion from either side of the border. The consensus among both the lawyers and credible journalist I have polled seems to be that it is indeed illegal to name – from within England and Wales – any victim or alleged victim of a sex attack; even if that (alleged) attack took place in Scotland and the person named lives in Scotland.

If there is any dubiety in this it is surely a matter for (at the very least) the Crown Prosecution Service to decide – not the police. And certainly not Police Scotland as the locus of the offence is well outside their jurisdiction! The will of all three Police forces to deflect this issue – and to act apparently ultra vires in ‘deciding’ a point of law which quite clearly requires judicial exploration - can be nothing other than deeply suspicious.

Comparing and contrasting this ‘immunity’ of Watkins with the extraordinary lengths gone-to to gag Green and utilize the mechanisms of justice to ‘punish’ him outside of sentencing; it becomes clear that ‘something is wrong with this picture’.


‘No evidence Hollie was ever abused’ bleated the corpulent, unkempt, insanitary figure of Greg Lance-Watkins. With the extended allegations of the Hollie Greig case blown completely out of the water by the BBC’s Mark Daly, it seems Watkins’ dinghy was flipped, and he started to paddle in the opposite direction. One has to ask why…

Although an undoubted ‘Walter Mitty’ it’s clear that Watkins did have ‘contacts’; thus the reason why he was able to influence the now defunct and disgraced ‘The News of The World’ into publishing a story on the Hollie Greig case. It is also clear that he has been attention-seeking for decades. – It seems for instance that even UKIP found him too ‘swivel eyed’, and he’s been venting his frustrations at them for years. “Commentator & journalist blogger” is his description of himself which elsewhere is further aggrandised with claims of over half-a-century of campaigning.

Genuinely – how could such an individual not know the law on reporting matters surrounding a sex crime? It’s just not credible.

With it an almost-certain given that he knew damn-well what he was doing, the next question is why was he doing it? …To protect whom exactly? …On whose orders or instruction or payroll?

Mark Daly’s performance on the Tony Legend show (a backwater internet-radio programme) wasn’t his finest hour…  For one; it was a backwater internet-radio show! For another he had to call on the host several times to moderate the exchange between him and Robert Green – such was the lack of professional control and structure that existed in the programme. Later in the show a drunk claiming to be a journalist who worked with “big lawyers” on “big stories” called in to ‘support’ Daly’s position. It was a bit of a farce… From conversation with the show’s production team I know that individual used a different phone number from Daly. – Whether this was one of Daly’s circle, some fantasist or another or even Daly himself is not known. Either way; it did nothing for the show’s overall credibility.

What is clear though is that while Daly explained the – perfectly valid - reasons why the BBC could not proceed with the story; blowing the extended allegations out of the water… He was quite candid in admitting the probability that Hollie was, at some point in her life, abused. Daly was by no measure disingenuous here.

Daly’s involvement was I think infortuitous for those who had taken to ‘running’ the Hollie Greig case; and I do not include Robert Green in that number. Clearly Watkins hadn’t come from nowhere; he was put to task by someone. And, as evidenced by his actions in illegally publishing those names, his task would seem to have been to steer the case into unreportable territory and ultimately discredit it.

He was I believe short-circuited by the timing of Daly’s revelations…

As I have said many times previously… The very fact that Hollie Greig is not inviolate indicates one of two things. She was either raped by someone with mental capacity, or she was neglected such that she was involved in sexual activity with another person also lacking in mental capacity. – In which case the matter becomes one of at least two vulnerable people having suffered abuse by neglect.

Panel members of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority are not idiots. Their examination of the facts concluded that, on the balance of probability, Hollie is the victim of a sexual assault. And they acted within the limits of the authority’s power to recognise that.

Why rob this vulnerable girl of that tiny grain of dignity?


More sheep than shepherd, Robert Green will cling to and follow anything or anyone that gives him the attention he craves. Far from ‘leading’ the Hollie Grieg campaign he has been led by the nose throughout it.  Firstly by Watkins who was set to lead him and the Hollie Greig case straight up the road of insanity. And latterly – more expertly – by one Belinda McKenzie, a leading light on the conspiracy theory circuit.

Where Watkins had proven himself to be more ‘idiot’ than ‘useful’ – and sought to ‘complete his mission’ by taking the case off on a tangent, McKenzie’s strategy was different. Belinda McKenzie is perhaps best known as MI5’s ‘elected landlady’; having previously played host to the dubious David Shayler and his equally curious partner Annie Machon.  She was also involved in the ‘Iran Aid’ scandal as well as the ‘Starchild’ project. From her ‘Highgate Hub’ – known to some as ‘conspiracy central’ she plays regular host to a wide range of misfits and (quite frankly) apparently mentally ill people with some ‘conspiratorial’ agenda to promote.

Although the activities of McKenzie and her associates do involve the ingathering of funds – generally by way of ‘donations’ to some cause or another, I believe that is not her primary objective or source of funding.  Her job – it seems – is to help nurture the public perception that any input from what we might call ‘alternative media’ and/or ‘alternative political’ movements is most-likely to be simply the baying of fools. 

In this respect – although her modus operandi is quite different - she might reasonably be viewed in a similar light to the likes of David Icke or Brian Gerrish of the ‘UK Column’; both of whom I believe to have been ‘tasked’ with infiltrating and discrediting the non-mainstream media.

No fool herself, McKenzie seems to be more of a ‘field operative’ specialising in stewarding what are known in many circles as the ‘properly mental’. – A little research on the Hampstead ‘whistleblower kids’ and the unfortunate ‘Neelu Berry’ or the pitiful case of ‘Ms Charles Seven’ will provide a good indication of what I mean by this. 

Cynically, McKenzie appears to have provided much of the ‘support and guidance’ that caused Robert Green to face trial without any cogent defence to hand; only a bucket of nonsense to his name. It was she for instance who accompanied him on his trip to Dunblane – a trip that would ultimately arm Elish Angiolini in her legal moves against the man. Likewise McKenzie curated certain of the more ‘lunatic’ blogs and social media postings on the case which made it more and more ‘untouchable’ by more credible elements of both mainstream and alternative media.

In many respects, Belinda McKenzie and Greg Lance Watkins do seem to be opposite sides of the very same coin. She too – despite many apparent transgressions – seems to hold an absolute immunity from prosecution.


Various other strange beings float around the edge of the Hollie Greig case.

Some harbour mere delusions of journalism… One poor soul for instance – a former mental patient - managed to complete a few ‘NQ’ modules in video production. For those unacquainted with the further education system in Scotland, an ‘NQ’ is the level at which those who failed to gain any substantial school qualifications are prepared for admission to a ‘Higher National’ type course… 

These are basically ‘remedial’ courses, generally consist of around fifteen modules and take about a year to complete.  The service of a partial course – a handful of modules – is often an indicator that someone facing ‘educational challenges’ has been given the opportunity to move their education on a little; but they are by no stretch of the imagination a complete qualification let alone a professional one. Sadly the individual in question – who shall remain nameless – masquerades as a ‘BBC Researcher’ and associate of a leading BBC reporter; someone who was once kind enough to give a little of their time to the less fortunate.

Others are more sinister…  The prosaic detail of the abuse Hollie Greig suffered would appear to associate certain individuals with the ‘swingers scene’ in Aberdeen and beyond. – There is of course nothing inherently illegal about that ‘scene’ nor, objectively, is there any automatic association between those who have that sort of ‘interest’ and child abuse. However, I don’t think it unfair or unreasonable to form the opinion that a significant proportion of those who indulge in such practices might also be involved in ‘darker things’; some of which will cross the line into illegality and damage to the innocent.

Since before the advent of the home video player – but mostly since such devices became commonplace – there has been a ‘market’ for illicit pornography; that which goes beyond the boundaries of the top shelf or the ‘blue movie’.  This ranges from relatively ‘tame’ home-movie type footage of ‘swinger’s parties’ to the most depraved and damaging levels of extreme pornography including child pornography.

Within the bounds of the law, the behaviour of individuals is of course a matter for their own moral judgement… And for this reason the ‘swinging scene’ was and remains something of an ‘underground culture’ although it seems to crave and ‘work towards’ some sort of acceptance within a diverse society.  

But the same applies to those of us who would actively shun those whom we regard as sexual deviants. And the plain fact is that no matter how ‘tolerant’, society (in my opinion quite-rightly) views the margin-walkers of sexual deviancy as a danger to the normal family unit, social stability and general personal safety. -Thus, one has to acknowledge, that though the majority may be breaking no laws and arguably just pursuing an 'alternative culture'; such individuals are open to blackmail and manipulation. Such sub-cultures are, by their very nature, bound to be attractive to the truly perverse and the truly evil.

Although I am aware of no evidence that suggests the ‘membership list’ he held was correct or that the place he cited was particularly suspicious, Robert Green was, in my view, on the right track when he raised the spectre of a certain Aberdeen sex-club in relation to the Hollie Greig case.  The tawdry, grubby, sub-human little-world of those who are lead through life by their gonads is I think the same sewer that Hollie’s rapists wallowed in.

I am also of the very firm opinion that is from this pool of effluent that the battle-cry of there being “no evidence Hollie was EVER abused” emerged.

However ‘sanitised’ and ‘sophisticated’ they might seek to present themselves, there are inalienable links between those whose lives revolve around rutting like farmyard animals and the extremes of the sex and pornography industries. This was particularly so when such things were further underground.  - Certainly there will be ‘names’ whose careers and standing in the wider community may be damaged were it to emerge what bizarre (if relatively harmless) things they get up to in private.  And they in turn will provide mutual shelter for those that have reached the next degree of weirdness. And so it goes on up the chain… 

It’s more than a little sad for instance that – allegedly – the former mental patient I refer to was one of a small clutch of individuals that, in their younger days, had been convinced by one particular deviant they might have had future modelling careers; and were thus persuaded to pose for explicit pictures that were later used against them. Likewise, some that 30 years ago might have dabbled in a little ‘organised infidelity’ now find that they have lain down with the dogs that raped a vulnerable child, and now face arising with the same fleas as those animals.

There are ‘political’ interests – i.e. the ‘normalisation’ of activities such as ‘swinging’ and ‘dogging’ in the public perception for instance – which are endangered by the possible links between the Hollie Greig case and the ‘swinging’ scene. And there are ‘commercial interests’ – for example, it’s very reasonable to wonder how a closed-down, falling down retail outlet might support its proprietor; or how someone in a low-skilled, low-paid, dead-end job can afford to live the life of an international jetsetter.

Working from the top of the stack down, the trouble starts with the treatment of Robert Green. Much as one has to acknowledge him as largely the author of his own misfortune and largely a self-interested (and rather gullible) glory-seeker; there remains in his treatment at the hands of the Scottish authorities that which is cruel, and unusual, and not in the interests of the Scottish people.  – The man, at the end of the day, is a quixotic nutcase. Just that… No more, no less. The law is not there to torment the foolish, the deluded or the just plain stupid. Nor is it there to provide an opportunity for would-be martyrs. The law is there to serve the interests of the public… How was that achieved by dragging an elderly fool up and down the British Isles umpteen times; on at least one occasion dumping the man penniless on a street in a city hundreds of miles from home?

How was that achieved by a barely-reported court action on charges that had little or no relevance to the questions this Don Quixote was tilting at? – A case that is widely thought to have been the most expensive Breach Of The Peace action in Scottish legal history? A case, the archive of which, is not easily accessed by any ordinary member of the public.

And thus Robert Green’s persecution remains a case shrouded in mystery and wide-open to both speculation and misrepresentation.

Is it something in the mentality of politicos I wonder? Those people who live in a bubble of vacuous statistics, spin and downright lies. Those who live in a world where the only important thing in life is the rather abstract sport of gaining political traction… For them it may well be enough that Green is gagged and some sort of ‘tick box’, lip service is done to due process. And that he was so readily made into a complete political tool... 

If the link between (for instance) a leading politico caught, in a public place with another man's penis in his mouth and his apparent immunity to prosecution; and his ability to stay in post and in power is lost on you then read no further... There is no hope for you.  The 'Can Of Worms' that might once have been spilled via the Hollie Greig case clearly wouldn't be apparent to you if it was served up in front of you with chips - it certainly wasn't to Robert Green! 

Green's pre-election praise for Scottish Labour after he got a few crumbs of attention was as pitiful as it was lacking in intelligence. Like a slave handed a bowl of gruel after a beating his kau-tau was disturbing to watch. But come election time neither his stupid lies or his paymasters were to prevail. - Scotland's people are tired of the beatings you see, tired of the cruelty, and tired of being a mere "region" in the eyes of the likes of Nigel Farage. 

Those outraged by the lies of (for instance) Alistair Charmichael in his pre-election  dirty tricks campaign might see him in a more innocent light when they consider what other depths were being sunk by some of his 'Comrades'...   There were the scurrilous attempts by certain shills to ‘utilise’ – and I use that word at its most cynical pitch – the abuse of Hollie Greig for sectarian-politico ends…   The palpably-false claims made that Salmond was ever in a position to either get rid of Elish Angiolini or interfere in her Labour-appointed fiefdom. Or for that matter that he’d hidden “vital evidence” for instance…   Deeply dishonest claims in accord with the same agenda that saw pro-independence businesses torched, business owners physically threatened and ‘blackballed’; their businesses’ lifeblood drained from them. And Motability vehicles vandalised for the crime of displaying a ‘Yes’ sticker…  

Politicos - living in their rarefied world as they do - may suppose the matter will ‘blow over’ and that is an end to it. We'll forget about Hollie Greig, Robert Green and for that matter Gordon 'Doggy-Dog' Mathieson and the laughing stock he's made of Glasgow. Or the funny handshakes and lapdancing adventures of the men that 'fixed' Edinburgh. 

But meanwhile, back in the real world, the honest critical-thinker will see more questions than answers arising from the figurative kicking meted out to Green. And those driven to the edge of madness by the routine maladministration which defines much of our public services see fuel thrown on the fires of conspiracy theory. 

They'll also be very aware of the auld Order that's dominated Scotland and Scottish politics since long-before the SNP were ever heard of. And we won't forget the weed-addled-waster nature of those who promoted that agenda while all the time pretending to be something they're not... Decent citizens!

I leave you with more questions than answers. That is quite deliberate. My aim is to make you think… Honestly… Objectively… Without fear, without favour, without prejudice without bias…

Think for yourself!