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Saturday, 12 November 2016

28. Violent druggies... Not the brightest.

Seems the drug addicts and child abusing perverts of Aberdeenshire are reduced to tactics more befitting of a rather sad, educationally-challenged ten-year-old these days. When they're not stalking and frightening the life out of young girls of course...

Unit *C, *** *** Business Park, ****** of ***, Aberdeen AB23 ***  


The former (a works internet system) is where various abusive posts and emails originated from (not just to me, but others also), and the two numbers are mobiles which were used to place crank calls...  Both 'witheld numbers' but that doesn't phase those who actually do have the technical knowledge and resources to track these things. - Police Scotland for instance.

And yes, we do actually have the full details of those numbers and the address - it's just inappropriate to post them publicly. There is also a recording of an voice that few would mistake. The Police are quite interested in this "course of conduct" though! It's just what they needed! We're confident they'll be having words with the owners of a certain 'engineering firm' very shortly. As well as others of course. It's 'chilly' up north I hear.

Tick Tock.  And a wee quick tip for the clock watchers...  You don't seriously think you're going down for anything trivial do you?  - These wee things do add up though.


Sunday, 6 November 2016

27. Greg Lance-Watkins stalks and terrifies young female student...

The scene is not hard to picture.  A grotesque Gollum-like figure shuffles about in a barely-lit rundown hovel.  The figure huddles over a cheap laptop planted amidst the mess on top of to what most normal people would be a coffee table. To the filthy unwashed freak in front of the machine, it's his whole world…

I had a conversation with my child earlier…  My actual sole-surviving child that is, as opposed to the deluded individual who was recently spurred-on by a right-wing nutcase and convicted criminal to masquerade as mine.  

It seems that, unable to 'get at' me by any other means, my daughter has been targeted by harassment by that particular pervert...  And that's what a grown man who stalks young girls is; a sexual deviant, a nonce, a dirty little pervert. 

My daughter has been left terrified by Greg Lance-Watkins...

It reached her attention yesterday that this obscene old freak targeted her FaceBook page, something she is required to maintain as part of her University studies. That platform is you see deemed by the unwise of academia as 'essential social media' marketing.   

She will now have to re-structure some of her coursework. And has adopted another 'trading style' to promote her work in future.  - An innocent young girl terrorised by this dirty old pervert into hiding her identity for fear of what  freak 'stunts' he will pull next!

And there we have it…  Because her father exposed a deviant for exactly what he is, a young girl's education is targeted and disrupted. And the problems don't stop at the fat man overflowing his piss-bag online! It's not so many months ago I summoned the Police to premises under my control to deal with one of the freaks' 'fanboys' who had turned up at the door to try and cause trouble - he was duly dealt with. - Yes, of course I'll call the cops at the first sign of trouble! It's what sane rational people with nothing to hide do!

It appears the catalyst for all this is the jailing of Hugh Mitchell, and the revelation of him being sacked from a school in 1996, reported to the police in 1998, and yet allowed to run free and commit further serious offences with nothing done about the earlier reports...

One can only wonder why Watkins and his kind are apparently so put out by Mitchell's gaoling? But curiously enough, while the Hollie Greig case was to the fore, Hugh Mitchell was the only individual known to have actually served in the Army who ever tried to mislead me that Greg Lance-Watkins' tales of 'daring do' at Sandhurst held any water...  

The now convicted-pervert actually accosted me one day in the street to try and convince me to "leave Greg alone"…   Given that at this point I also knew of links between  Mitchell and an individual implicated in Hollie's abuse he did 'his friend' no favours and only served to cause me to explore my suspicions further…

So Watkins do explain... How come the only person who EVER tried to defend you is now in jail for raping several children including a nine-year-old?  What interest did he have in trying to get the heat off you?  ...This child abuser and pornographer. 

I'm told the same freak-of-nature, Watkins that is, had a pop at my wife. And also another relative that I haven't seen or spoken to in years.  And there's the measure of Greg Lance-Watkins… Caught, banged-to-rights with blood on his hands and he starts trying to deflect and project like any common criminal.

You see, despite their best efforts, there actually is no dirt to dig on me. – I'm not a drug addict or a child-abuser. I'm not a charity scammer. There are no firearms offences in my background or fairy-stories about James Bond style exploits…  No bizarre pre-echoes of Dunblane in my life either. And none of the weirdness that has defined the freak-show that is Greg Lance Watkins' life! 

Not content with harassing the living, the dirty old bastard dances on the graves of the dead.  From the depths of his twisted deviant mind, he has created a new lie...
For the record – and to clarify that Greg Lance Watkins is indeed  a filthy  lying sexually-deviant bastard...  Contrary to what the filthy old pervert claims, Fiona Chan, my eldest daughter's late mother, was never 'adopted by my mother' nor was she ever any kind of "adopted sibling". 

This is a complete fabrication speaks much of the kind of disgustingly sick, sex-pest mind that lurks in Watkins' otherwise empty skull.  

Fiona Chan was in fact a well educated young lady who was brought up at home with her own parents and two sisters at their large bungalow on the outskirts of Clydebank, from where she commuted daily to the Mary Erskine school near Edinburgh. They were an affluent, stable family. Her father a highly successful restaurateur  His daughters attending one of Scotland's best-known private schools. 

It's true that as family friends we knew each other since childhood, and that when her own Mother was unwell in hospital mine did take her and her sisters in for a little while. My Mother was, after all a fully-qualified and very-senior nurse who was also a Foster and adoptive parent…  And I do have three adopted sisters and two adopted brothers. 

But Fiona was never one of them! - and it's sickening that this filthy old ghoul should besmirch the memory of such a fine young lady.

At the ages of 19 and 20 Fiona Chan and I were an engaged couple, childhood sweethearts, very much in love looking forward to completing (respectively) college and  apprenticeship. And were already setting up our own home in anticipation of our marriage, when she, my fiancĂ©, fell pregnant with Suzi, our much-welcomed child. 

Greg Lance-Watkins has previously tried to dance on my dead-child's grave, and that of her dear Mother.  And in these latest perverted fabrications we see yet another example of this depraved, racist  coward trying to take at a swipe at me through this long-dead girl...

Greggy's warped little fantasies about incestual relationships with Chinese girls are as racist as they are perverted; and entirely of his own dirty, sick, sad twisted manufacture. 

Greg Lance-Watkins - a dirty-filthy-minded perverted liar, a ghoul, and a racist. 

But all this is all quite typical of the very same pervert who fantasises about being 'spanked' by his old headmaster Mr Butters…  The convicted firearms offender who boasted of his sinister pre-echo of Dunblane. 

And the snivelling coward who did – irrefutably – applaud the murder that was unquestionably the model for the copy-cat killing of Jo Cox.

And on that score, what the hell does it matter if I knew of Jo Cox before her murder?  Or if I'm disinterested in the dishonest game of politics?  - What I have been most certainly aware of for some years is the fact that this attention-seeking ghoul attempted to 'big himself up' off the back of Anna Lindh's murder! – And that he openly encouraged and incited that someone carry out a similar murder in Britain...

I felt physically sick when I heard that someone had actually acted on Greg Lance-Watkins' encouragement and taken this poor woman's life…

So yes you dirty-filthy, attention-seeking, cowardly sexually-deviant lying freak of hell; you most certainly do have Jo Cox's blood on your hands!

Let's not forget too that this is the pervert who – long after the Hollie Greig case was 'blown' enjoyed pouring over the minute intimate personal details of her abuse; details that were of no relevance to the material facts of the case. – Details that could only serve as a form of pornography to this weirdo and the collection of freaks and vagabonds that make up his 'chums'…  

The plain fact is I am an ordinary man living an ordinary life in a law-abiding and peaceful manner. Together with my wife of almost a quarter-century I head an ordinary respectable family that works head for a living. We run ordinary family businesses that pay our bills and put food on the table… That's all.

And, again just for the record... Contrary to Watkins' lies, at NO time in my life have I or my wife received a solitary PENNY in grants or aid in respect of ANY businesses I have ever been involved in.  

Quite the reverse, I've often reigned against the 'carve up' that seems to exist for the benefit of the privileged few. For, even though I was once a young man from a deprived area trying to start a business, I was NEVER provided with any kind of assistance - if anything various councils and local authorities have consistently placed red tape and barriers in my way...   Not a penny!

And with slight echoes of Sheriff Buchanan – the defamation of whom Watkins was instrumental in – I do not have a 'brother in law', nor have I ever lived "adjacent" to any such mythical creature. Quite where this stupid lie was generated from is beyond any reckoning!  But it's all part of Greg Lance-Watkins Defamation Game...

You can ask American Radio host Paul Drockton about being targeted for stones from the glasshouse as a 'deadbeat dad'. Laughable when you read the old freak's own excuses for abandoning someone who really is HIS daughter.

Hard work, study modest enterprise and normal family life are anathema to the various perverts, drug addicts, con artists and parasites that make up the wacky world of the Conspiretard...  

Laughably – as this creepy old pervert stalks a young university student, causing her fear and alarm and disrupting her studies he has this to say…

"I note also that he and his direct family seem to be well spread on social media and there is a sad lack of friendly & normal interaction to be found with anyone."

"Well spread"?  I have been 'online' since before the internet as it is known today was even invented!  And in fact I have long-since eschewed social media and rail against it as it is infested with scam artists, weirdos, stalkers and groomers – such as Greg Lance Watkins!  

Here's the thing Watkins you lying old cunt… And this goes out to his 'chum' Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy too...

I have no active Facebook page - only a closed page in my name decrying Facebook which actually exists at their suggestion after we last had to get the Police involved when fake profiles were set up in my name...  

I have no Twitter account, take no active part in any similar forum and haven't done so for years; and it doesn't matter what bullshit you and your cronies -  crooks, perverts, druggies and other sub-human scum of the earth fabricate - that's the provable truth… Something vermin like you are estranged from.

Now, I am not responsible for anyone else's actions.  I am empowered to impose 'bans' on my immediate family let alone the 'extended' part of it. It's much against my judgement and in the face of my protests that my wife and daughter have Facebook pages at all… 

I dare say though that an educationally-challenged  deviant such as Watkins might not fully appreciate that normal people might feel the need to protect themselves from weirdos, creepy-stalkers and dirty deviant old benders such as himself! Which is why my wife and Daughter's FaceBook pages are set up with high levels of privacy and are readable only by their carefully chosen friends! 

I DO however impose a ban on FaceBook and some other 'anti-social media' platforms at my work premises.

In fact, just this week I've given one of my commercial tenants their 'marching orders' for breaching the social media policies of the premises they rented.

Why? Because there's nothing fucking remotely 'normal' about any of it! 

There are good reasons why increasing numbers of businesses are not only abandoning FaceBook but actually BANNING its use on their networks.  There are good reasons why parents are warned to watch their children's activity on that platform - lest they be targeted by perverts or scammers.  

Facebook for its part does not take user safety seriously; if anything it's happy to encourage illegality and perversion so long as it makes people money.  It's just not safe, and no place for any sane person to be interacting with the world!  And decent people are leaving it in droves!

Facebook is now just a bloody freak show infested with lowlife weirdo filth!  And it's home to every bloody scammer on the planet! – David Icke, Belinda McKenzie, Angela Power-Disney, Sabine McNeill, Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy and his comrade and role-model Jabba the dirty fucking stalker Greg Lance-Watkins! - just a few examples. Sewage all...

Who the HELL wants to interact with that lot?